Tasklet Factory has released new versions of Mobile WMS for both Microsoft Dynamics AX and NAV.

For Microsoft Dynamics NAV the version improves some of the existing features, but also adds new and significant functionality such as:

  • Direct integration to purchase orders
  • Direct integration to sales orders
  • Direct integration to transfer orders
  • Support for the Role Tailored Client

Now customers can actually start using the Mobile WMS solution without investing in the warehouse modules of Dynamics NAV. This is especially interesting for smaller installations and it provides a good opportunity to start a Mobile WMS project on a smaller scale and potentially grow it as the usage becomes more sophisticated.

For Microsoft Dynamics AX the new version integrates some really good features that have been highlighted by many customers as especially useful. These features include:

  • Receive items using the production input journal
  • Report items as finished on production orders
  • Lookup the content of a specific location
  • Negative adjustment of items
  • Locate an item in the warehouse

Contact Tasklet Factory for more information and to obtain the latest version for your demo setup.


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