Tasklet Factory has released a new version of Mobile WMS for Dynamics AX 2012 R3 (version The version has new and improved features as well as fixed bugs, you can find it listed below:

New features:

  • Support for “Register Barcode” assign barcode to an item number.
  • Support for create new pallets in Dynamics AX.
  • Support for “Profit/loss journal”.
  • Support for “Tag counting”.
  • Support Receive “Sales RMA”
  • Support for multiple GTIN, Barcode with quantity. On pick, receive, counting and lookup methods.
  • Production Report as finished – does now support “jobs”. So now you can report back on production jobs.

Improved features:

  • Menu options – has been renamed and extended with description.
  • Form “Document Queue” – request and response is shown in a XML viewer.
  • “Register Real time Quantity” – is now supported. If real time feedback on picking/receiving is required.
  • New menu item for giving permission to both, user or user group.
  • Asking for packing slip number – when receiving purchase/arrival. But not when receving Sales RMA.
  • Quantities now uses the number of decimals – defined on the current unit.
  • X++ Code has been refactored – for easier/cleaner modifications.
  • X++ Code general logic has been centralized in Mob_Helper methods. Easier to implement custom changes.
  • More tests on warehouse is valid. If warehouse is not set on the pick/receive header.

Fixed bugs:

  • Fixed problem when posting over delivery in Purchase Packing slip.
  • Form Document Types – User access – was not showing correct because of datatype.
  • An error occurred when the same warehouse was used twice.
  • Fixed problem when batch number or location is not used.
  • Form Parameters – it was possible to select both pick: sales and picking list.
  • Fixed problem, after posting a production pick, an error was thrown.

The latest version of Mobile WMS for Dynamics AX 2012 R3 is available for our customers and partners in Tasklet Factory’s partner portal. Contact Tasklet Factory for more information atsales@taskletfactory.com

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