Mobile WMS is User Friendly

Implementing a mobile solution often requires a big change in the work processes performed by the users. If you come from a paper based process there will also be a new technology to master for the users. For some this can be a big change and can cause some resistance. Especially if the new hardware and software is difficult to use. That’s is why we have focused on the end user when we developed our user interface.

Our mission is to hide all the complexity of the full Dynamics ERP client and focus on the warehouse tasks. That is why we have developed a user interface that resembles a smartphone interface and when you perform for example a PutAway in the warehouse you are guided through the process by the application. The purpose is that the warehouse worker can use the device with minimal training and start scanning and register items in the warehouse right away.

The Mobile WMS solution is a tool to enable your employees to be more effective. They need to be comfortable with the solution before you will get the maximum value out of it.

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