Offline Functionality in Mobile WMS

Wireless networks are great, no doubt about it, but with any wireless technology there are problems. They are affected by things like other networks nearby, or if you store certain items in your warehouse that will block the wireless signal. The point is that the wireless network can be affected by things that are out of your control. As a result of this, getting 100% and stable network coverage in your entire area of usage can be very difficult. It is much easier, and much less expensive, to get to 90%, or simply focus on getting the network perfect in smaller areas.

If you want to have a mobile scanning solution that runs smoothly all year long, you need Mobile WMS from Tasklet Factory. The Offline functionality only needs to communicate at the beginning and end of a work process. This means that the work can be performed without a network connection, making the barcode scanning solution unaffected by a bad connection in parts of the usage area. We are strong believers in the offline approach because it simplifies the implementation and maintenance of the Mobile WMS solution

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