One of our Microsoft Dynamics AX Developers, Erling Damsgaard, will participate at the Microsoft Dynamics Technical Conference in Seattle later this month when the release of the new Microsoft Dynamics AX takes place. We asked Erling a few questions prior to his trip to the Emerald-City.


Erling Damsgaard, Dynamics AX Developer at Tasklet Factory

What was the name of Microsoft Dynamics AX, when you started as a Developer, 16 years ago?

In the beginning (1996-1998) the codename was XAL 2.99 (alfa version), since the AX (Axapta/Atlanta) was built on the XAL system from Damgaard Data. At that point it was not decided if it should be a new release of XAL or a new product.

The first real codename was “Atlanta” (beta version), but at the release it was named “Axapta”.

What are you most excited about when it comes to the new Microsoft Dynamics AX?

starbucks Espresso Con Panna

Espresso Con Panna

Shifting to Visual Studio for development. Finding out if uses will be able to see an advantage in Dynamics AX after dropping the Fat client.

As you will be staying in the hometown of Starbucks (and many other coffee chains), what type of coffee are you going to order?

I will be arriving in Seattle one day before the Conference starts to explore and enjoy the city and of course, I will be visiting Starbucks to grab a cup of Espresso Con Panna.


We are looking forward hearing all about the new Microsoft Dynamics AX when Erling returns to the office.

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