be.wan is an independent ICT company located in Belgium and has two offices, Waterloo and Wevelgem. Our vision is that each company must be digital or risks to disappear and our mission is to help our customers with their digitalization strategy. We accomplish this in partnership with its customers and we focus on the specific needs of the customers, so that they can better realize their business objectives and have the opportunity to react faster to changing market conditions.

be.wan does not focus on a specific business segment but builds on 20 years of accumulated experience in many segments to offer its expertise to mainly medium sized companies and departments of larger organizations. We concentrate our software expertise on modern ERP systems, Financial Management, Business Intelligence and HR planning systems. In co-creation with our customers we also develop innovative solutions in IoT, Artificial Intelligence and analytics. Last but not least we recently integrated Tasklet Mobile WMS in our D365 Business Central offer.