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Superpower Your Warehouse with Tasklet Mobile WMS

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At Tasklet Factory, our primary focus area is the development of our Mobile WMS solution. Our application for Microsoft Dynamics is used by customers all over the world.

We help our customers optimize their work processes in the warehouse and create value by delivering the absolute best solutions on the market through user-friendly interfaces, easy customization, flawless ERP integration, on/offline functionality, and brilliant service.

Feel free to contact us today and let's talk about how we can superpower your warehouse with Tasklet Mobile WMS.

A simple solution with extraordinary powers

Let Your Warehouse Workers be the Superheroes !

Remove pen and paper from your warehouse and give your warehouse workers a superpower instead. With Tasklet Mobile WMS you will be well on your way to:

  • Bring down the error rate in the warehouse
  • Increase inventory accuracy
  • Lower warehouse costs

...and so much more. Tasklet Mobile WMS supports the work processes in your warehouse and integrates with the standard functionality of Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP.

Discover how Tasklet Mobile WMS can be your secret weapon taking your warehouse to the next level.

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Fight Errors and Improve Accuracy

A Simple Solution with Extraordinary Powers

Your new secret weapon to fight errors and improve your warehouse accuracy is Tasklet Mobile WMS - The perfect warehouse management solution if you are looking to:

  • Minimize errors like misplacements and wrong shipments in the warehouse
  • Increase efficiency in warehousing processes by removing pen-and-paper
  • Improve warehouse data accuracy with real-time data and controlled processes

Tasklet Mobile WMS lets you boost productivity and performance in your warehouse. From receiving, putting away, and picking to packing and shipping orders.

All of this is possible with just one tool, and you can be up and running in 3 easy steps. Watch our video below to learn more.

Tasklet Mobile WMS | Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC/NAV

Superpowers for Your Warehouse


Register and control received items. Supports lot-/serial numbers and expiry dates.


Assign a bin to the received items.


Picking of single or consolidated orders.


Perform planned, unplanned, and bulk movements of items.


Perform unplanned bulk movements. Allows you to move all from one bin to another.


Perform planned counts. 


Look-up the bin, the available quantity, and the product data of an item.


Add or maintain unit of measure codes, including quantity per unit, measurements, and weight of an item.


Print labels from the mobile device.
* printer license required


Perform shipment of your items from the mobile device.


Use the camera on your mobile device to attach pictures in the work process or create item images.


Report consumption, output, and time on released production orders.


Report consumption and output on assembly orders.


Finish packing and shipping directly from the mobile device.

Customer Success Stories

Don’t Just Take Our Word for It — We Prefer You Listen to Our Customers!

I really can’t imagine running a fast-paced operations facility without this system.
James Herwatt CEO, Cork Supply US
Mobile WMS has allowed us to reduce the number of staff we planned to hire because of the efficiencies gained.
Grant Brimhall, Director IT, Liberty Mountain
Mobile WMS has structured our processes and made it possible to scale our business... It has taken us to a whole new level.
Niels Træholt, Co-Founder, Med24
We have become far more efficient in the warehouse, especially when receiving goods. Before Mobile WMS, large orders could take up to two days to receive. Now, we can do the same work in as little as 2-4 hours.
Nils Krogh, Operations & Logistics Manager, NiceHair
Our warehouse operations affect every single customer that we deal with, so it is vital that we get it right! With Tasklet Factory Mobile WMS we can finally live up to our own high standards. We always have accuracy. We always have updated insight. This has been huge for our business!


Mobile WMS means a higher volume of product flow with a reduction of the error rate to below one percent for the world-renowned Danish design brand...

Sneakers N Stuff

Mobile WMS has improved efficiency significantly and made it possible for the global retailer of rare sneakers to carry out much more work in less time...

Capital Hair

Mobile WMS has solved all previous logistical challenges for the British supplier of hair- and beauty products resulting in significant improvements in efficiency and warehouse processes...

What makes Mobile WMS stand out

Much More Than Just Receiving, Put Away, and Picking

Offline Functionality

Mobile WMS makes it possible to perform core work processes without a network connection. The result is a reliable solution with great performance.

Integrates to Standard

Mobile WMS is 100% integrated with standard Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC/NAV and Microsoft Dynamics 365 SCM/FO/AX. All versions are supported.

Easy to Customize

Mobile WMS has been designed so it can easily be extended with custom functionality. All modifications are made in Dynamics 365 BC/NAV and 365 FO/AX.

User-Friendly Interface

Mobile WMS is developed with focus on minimizing “clicks” and irrelevant information. The end users will spend minimal time on training.

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