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Portsmouth Hospital: National Health and Hospital Services

Ingenica Solutions is the provider of inventory management solutions for hospitals in the NHS (The National Health Service in the UK). The solutions keep track of inventory, optimizing usage and ordering of consumables. See the Queen Alexandra customer case video that the Microsoft Dynamics guys put together.




MS Dynamics 365 BC/NAV


United Kingdom

Portsmouth hospital serves a population of 615.000 people, employs 6.000 staff and has 1.200 beds. The annual turn-over is £440m

Estimated savings up to £2 million 

The first hospital to go live was the Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust. They estimate savings £1-2million from inventory consolidation alone and look forward to saving more through optimizing their inventory processes. Queen Alexandra decided to accelerate the roll-out after a very productive pilot project at Queen Alexandra Hospital in Portsmouth. Contact us to learn more.

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