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Processing Orders Faster Than Ever – User-Friendly WMS Makes the Difference

When Capital Hair & Beauty's business began to boom, they needed a warehouse management system with new functionalities that would optimize their work processes and make them more efficient. With the implementation of Tasklet Mobile WMS, they immediately saw improvements in error rate and efficiency.

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Easy WMS Integration into Dynamics NAV

As Capital Hair & Beauty grew, it needed a new warehouse management software that could provide more efficient workflows. To optimize its warehouse operations, the company decided to move all warehouse functions onto the Microsoft Dynamics NAV database at its Head Office.  

Simultaneously, the company wanted to implement a mobile warehouse management solution to improve management of its operations. In collaboration with The NAV People, the choice of solution was Tasklet Mobile WMS—one of the most advanced solutions on the market—as it was best suited for meeting Capital Hair & Beauty’s needs.  
One of the main reasons for choosing Tasklet was its direct integration with Microsoft Dynamics NAV and ability to work offline as well as overall ease-of-use for employees. 
Here's what Phil Dobson, IT Manager at Capital Hair & Beauty, had to say: 

“We looked at two different solutions The NAV People recommended. Quickly we decided that Mobile WMS from Tasklet was the most suitable solution for us as the solution links directly to NAV, and it is possible to work offline, but most important of all it is extremely user-friendly.”

Due to the fact that Mobile WMS is extremely user-friendly and that all the products are assigned to a bin, we can not only receive, and pick orders faster, but also employ unexperienced staff in the busy periods without it causing any problems.

Significant Improvements in Efficiency and Warehouse Processes

Prior to the implementation of Tasklet Mobile WMS, Capital Hair & Beauty didn’t use a mobile WMS solution to manage their warehouse, resulting in workflows and processes with significant room for improvement. In order to accommodate the challenge, they were facing, the company wanted to optimize their warehouse setup. 

The results of implementing Tasklet Mobile WMS were improvements in both efficiency and the workflow processes in the warehouse. With Mobile WMS, Capital Hair & Beauty now has a user-friendly solution, where every item in the warehouse is scanned and placed in specific bins, resulting in faster and more accurate order picking. 

Phil Dobson expresses a clear transformation of the company as result of the implementation: 

“Implementing Mobile WMS was a major positive transformation for our business and The NAV People consultants could draw on their previous experiences to help deliver a solution that has made huge improvements to the efficiency and processes of our warehouse.”

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User-friendly WMS Makes Huge a Difference in Busy Periods

To fulfill seasonal demand from its customers, Capital Hair & Beauty is required to employ warehouse staff temporarily. Tasklet Mobile WMS has been a major advantage for the company, as it makes the temporary employment process much easier by eliminating the need for extensive training. 

Phil emphasizes this advantage, explaining that the temporary staff can start their work in the warehouse immediately and without any problems: 

“Due to the fact that Tasklet Mobile WMS is extremely user-friendly, we can employ inexperienced staff in busy periods without it causing any problems. Our first busy period after the implementation was in the summer of 2017, where we worked every day until 10 PM. In the evening, the staff consisted solely of temporary inexperienced staff, except for a few individual supervisors.”

Logistics Challenges in the Warehouse Resolved

The logistic challenges that arose as a result of the growing business have been resolved after the implementation of Tasklet Mobile WMS. Both receiving and picking orders is now faster than before, and another benefit Capital Hair & Beauty has experienced is a significant reduction in errors in the picking process. The general improvements in efficiency of the warehouse processes have also resulted in faster shipments of orders.

Phil Dobson highlights the overall advantages of the implementation of Tasklet Mobile WMS:

“At the end of the day, Mobile WMS from Tasklet and NAV has solved all the logistical challenges that we previously experienced in the warehouse. Mobile WMS is easy to use, and all our products are now placed in specific bins. We are not only able to pick orders faster and more accurately than before, but we are also able to take in temporary staff during our busy periods without it causing any problems.”

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Capital Hair & Beauty Optimizes their Warehouse with Mobile WMS

The Story About

Capital Hair & Beauty

Capital Hair and Beauty is a family run company that started out as a scissor sharpening company back in 1954.

Since then, the company has grown into one of the UK’s biggest independent suppliers of hair- and beauty products for hairdressers, beauty therapists and nail technicians. As business was growing for the company, they were looking for a warehouse management solution to assist them in their growth.

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