As an adviser and consultant Logi Systems is specialized in establishing and streamlining production and warehouse logistics. We are combining our experience and expertise with a practical approach in order to provide specific proposals and solutions for the further development of your warehouse, production and logistic systems. We have over 25 years of experience in developing warehouse and logistics systems.

From case to case our focus is the situation of the company, identifying specific needs and collaborating with you to be finding the optimal solution.

Logi system are experts within warehouse logistics including automation, Pick, pack and sorting solutions, Packaging and shipping solutions, Warehouse layout and total solutions, WEB and Internet solutions and many other areas.
Also within the Production logistics Logi system has many years of experience dealing with automation and process optimization of production, Workplace and process design, Factory and machine design plus all other areas within Production logistics.

If you choose Logi Systems as your partner, you will have a logistics partner, who has all the necessary experience and expertise it takes to develop the optimal solution for your company.

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