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New strengths in Sales Department

This month, we have employed two new colleagues in the Sales Department.

Mona has held a position as Sales Manager at UCN act2learn. At UCN Mona was in charge of sales and marketing for the business areas management and HR. Mona´s primary tasks at UCN was to sell education and consulting services. Especially for managers and leaders in all kind of industries.

Mona has more than 9 years of experience in sales and marketing and with her background as Cand. Merc. IVØ, International Business Economics. With her knowledge in sales, marketing and IT, we are sure, that Mona will be an asset for our partners to help them increasing the sales of Tasklet Factory´s Mobile WMS solutions.


Mobile WMS Android Edition is here!

Christmas time is close and as an early Christmas present we are very proud to present the new Android edition of the Mobile WMS application. The work began more than a year ago, and we are now ready to present the result to you.

We hope you have time to join our webinar dedicated to the release. It will provide information about:

• A live demonstration of the new app
• What is new and what stays the same
• New cool hardware
• Information about our development roadmap

Release of our new Android mobile WMS application

Watch a recording of the webinar here:

Another new employee at Tasklet Factory

This week we say welcome to Nima Conrad Hamidi.

Nima has his experience of sales from EG A/S. He has recently held a position as account manager for a large number of customers in the utility industry, while at the same time managing sales of EG’s utility solutions build for Dynamics AX.

Through many customer meetings, online webinars, sales activities, and customer events Nima has gained valuable insight on how to create value for customers and partners. He has been working closely with marketing and delivery consultants to always give customers the best experience and service.

With his knowledge in sales, marketing and IT, we are sure, that Nima will be an asset for our partners to help them increasing the sales of Tasklet Factory’s Mobile WMS solutions.

New Member of our Dynamics NAV team

lars_glavindWe would like to welcome Lars Glavind to Tasklet Factory. Lars will join our Dynamics NAV team.

He comes from a position as ERP project manager at Flexiket A/S, where he has been part of the implementation of Dynamics NAV 2016. Lars has been working with warehouse management for 20 years as project leader, consultant and system developer. For the last 5 years he has been working with Dynamics NAV as a consultant and developer.

With his knowledge in warehouse management and NAV development, we are sure, that Lars will be an asset for our partners to help them implement Tasklet Factory’s Mobile WMS solutions.


Android edition is coming to a scanner near you

Android edition of Mobile WMSAt Tasklet Factory, our main goal is to provide a solid and future-proof solution to our customers. In that goal lies the ability to support the best hardware devices on the market.

In recent years, the preferred operating system of rugged mobile devices have slowly started to shift from Windows Mobile / Embedded Handheld to other platforms. Android seems to be the new standard, but devices are also using different kinds of Windows. In order for us to accommodate requests for these and future mobile platforms, we have chosen to develop our new app using the Xamarin framework. This framework enables us to develop and maintain one code base, and with a little extra work, release to both Android, Windows and iOS, while still ending up with a native app, and not just a web site disguised as one.
Android Mobile WMS Dynamics NAV

In order to ensure that we will support the many flavors of Android, we have been developing with a wide range of devices, from high-end rugged devices with built-in scanners, to consumer devices with just a camera. Some of the devices we have been using during development are the Zebra TC-75, Zebra TC-8000, Honeywell CT-50, and the faithful Intermec CN-51. The cool thing about the CN-51, besides being rock solid, is that it can be re-flashed to run Android. This means that devices now running Windows Embedded Handheld can be re-flashed and used with the new app once it is released.

Mobile WMS for Dynamics AX and NAV Android

At Tasklet Factory, we recognize that warehouse hardware is expensive, and that our customers will keep using their current devices until they wear out. Therefore, it has been an important goal in the development that devices using our current app and devices using the new app can co-exist, making the transition seamless.

The new Android app will be officially released later this year. We will start beta testing with select customers now to get feedback on the new user experience and to make sure it can survive in the real world.

Development Roadmap

  • Support all features of the current Mobile WMS solution
  • Implement a new forklift solution using a large screen device and an external scanner
  • Implement a new wearable solution with a ring scanner to get a “hands-free” experience

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